AECA WHITE es para personas que buscan una vida sencilla. Nos caracteriza del estilo de vida estandarizado que se divide en función de la edad, el sexo y el tiempo. AECA WHITE se ajusta a los valores de cada persona, para producir un estilo de acuerdo a las demandas específicas de todos.

Faith Connexion is a creative tribe with a multitude of inspirations. A laboratory of young talent, experimenting in art, fashion and street culture, the tribe captures and elegantly puts forward the authenticity and the attitude of the street. Our collective builds up organically through layered encounters, unafraid to integrate diverse aesthetic perspectives. Street meets glamour, with graffiti artists spray painting jackets, jeans and sweatshirts, inspiration born from the walls of vacant lots. The authentic luxury of a graffiti painted-to- measure. An astounding variety of collaborations (NTMB with its tribute to urban culture, 99%is and his punk-rock aesthetic) continuously generates fresh inspiration. The story unfolds, evolves and deepens with time, unchained from the traditional cycles of fashion.

Lords & Fools is a brand created and imagined by Yoahm Baroukh, in 2012. This ambitious iconoclastic and self-taught designer, spent his childhood in the workshop of his grandfather, tailor, in the heart of Paris, district of the swamp. Today, this sewing genius still remembers the smell of wax applied to the needles to better slip them on the garment, or that of the incessant noise of sewing machines that whirled all day . Noble materials such as silk, wool, cashmere or alpaca had no secrets for him. It was his cave of Ali Baba: these jewels, the pieces of fabric that were piled on the ground, the buttons with strange materials or even the spools of thread in shimmering colors.

Troubadour produces impeccably designed, high-quality overnight bags that transition seamlessly, whether for a short business trip or a casual weekend away. The brand uses a tanner whose processes go back multiple generations and a zip manufacturer solely responsible for every aspect of its line, the commitment to craft is unmatched. The brand name pays homage to the stories surrounding these artisans. It takes its roots from the travelling minstrels, storytellers of days gone by.